Case Studies

Departure Lounge - Derby Theatre

Derby, United Kingdom
July 2017

We've been working with Derby Theatre on several projects before this event and were invited back to offer a solution to their own mini summer festival called Departure Lounge. With mulitple acts across the theatre across one week. The Techical Director wanted to enhance the appearance of the foyer and external areas to make the theatre stand out.

Given a fully flexibity to provide lighting within the theatre foyers, we also provided additional lighting and power distribution to the outside spaces of the theatre which were being used as a bar area and route to the Studio space.

Over the course of a day we installed a large number of LED Batterns, festoon (inside and outside), light curtains, colour changing bulbs in existing fittings and much more.


Equipment List

50x Showtec LED Bar 8

10x Lanta Orion Link V2

12x Lanta Fireball Par 64S

120m LED Festoon

3x 3x3 LED Light Curtains

3x LED 10W Flood Lights (Warm White)

10m of Cable Ramp

16A Cables

IEC Cables

16A Power Distro

GU10 LED Colour Changing Bulbs (Remote Controlled)

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