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Great Expectations - Derby Theatre

Derby, United Kingdom
October 2017

After several months of talks with the client, we were received the drawing of the chandelier and developed plans to make the flame effect for the scene in Great Expectations of the Miss Havisham's house setting alight.

Once the go ahead was given, we used our in-house Plasma cutting machine, cutting out the templates for the 4 arms of the chandelier. Each arm was attached to a central 50mm tube that will create the look at the chandelier. This tube also had a second function as storage for the propane gas that incorporated a straight 5 metre long metal gas tube to the flying bar at the theatre. We then had a 25 metre flexible gas hose that went along the fly bar to the ground to where the gas is stored and the operater was situated. Operation is done through a custom system of solenoids and ignitors. We used a Magic FX Effectivator 1 as the controller, as this allow safe isolation by the means of a key switch.

On the day of the install, working in a time restricted space due to the essential work to get the show up and running ready for the technical plot, we out of hours to install the chandelier, and provided full demonstrating of it on operation

We also provided 6 Flame Torches and two Antari Low Foggers to be used throughout the production.



Great Expectations - Derby Theatre
Great Expectations - Derby Theatre

Custom Flame Torches with Antari Low Fog Effect. Photo: Derby Theatre

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Interview with the Production Manager of Derby Theatre - Phil Bentley
Equipment List

1x Custom Gas Chandelier approx. 200cm wide and 150cm high

1x 25m flexible Gas Hose

1x Magic FX Effectivator 1 (Controller)

1x Gas Regulator

2x Antari ICE Low Fog Machine DMX

6x Custom Flaming Torches (Fuel: Kerosene)


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