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Rosco FlexBond - 3.79 Litres

Rosco FlexBond - 3.79 Litres

Rosco FlexBond provides a flexible adhesive bond between many scenic materials, such as fabrics, plastics, foams and wood. Rosco FlexBond dries to a clear, hard, yet pliable coating that does not suffer from the "tackiness" common in many other flexible glues even after those glues have had days to dry. And unlike ordinary "white" glues which can crack and break when flexed, the adhesive bond of Rosco FlexBond remains extremely pliable and strong even as the materials bend and deform. Rosco FlexBond is water based, and very safe to use, with little fume and low toxicity.

Use FlexBond to adhere fabrics to fabrics, fabrics to wood, foam to wood or fabric and many other combinations of materials common in scene shops. Rosco FlexBond provides an excellent coating over Ethafoam™ that allows this notoriously difficult foam to be painted with ease. With its super adhesion, Rosco FlexBond can be used to laminate blocks of foam together. It can be thinned with water, tinted with universal tints or Rosco paints, or used as an additive to give other coatings like plaster or clay added flexibility.

Apply by brush, roller, or spray gun.

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32A Cable - Made to Order

Made to Order 32A Cable

6mm TRS HO7 3-core (Single Phase) Black

Free Colour Coding - Colours listed next to length. (Coloured Tape with Text of Length)

Please choose desired cable length and colour of connectors.

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CP81 240V 300W GY9.5 FSK GE

CP81 240V 300W GY9.5 FSK GE

GE CP81 240V 300W GY9.5 FSK

Fits Arri Junior 300

Wattage: 300W
Voltage: 240V
Base: GY9.5
Average life: 50hr
Colour temperature: 3200k
Luminous flux: 6900lm

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P2/13 240V 800W R7s DXX GE

P2/13 240V 800W R7s DXX GE

GE P2/13 240V 800W R7s DXX

Fits Strand Redhead, Arri 800 and Studio Due City Colours

Voltage: 240V
Watts: 800W
Base: R7s
Average Life: 75h
Colour Temperature: 3200K

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Rosco Thermashield

Specially coated film reflects infrared energy to extend the life of color in super hot lighting fixtures.

Proprietary multi-layer coating reflects most of the infrared energy, thereby reducing radiated heat
Allows the use of plastic color filters in fixtures with very hot lamps
Protects performers and products from heat generated by stage or film & television lamps

When heat is a problem in television, theatre, display or architectural lighting, Thermashield is the answer. Thermashield reduces the adverse effects of heat on performers and products used in commercials. Where hot lamps are used, it helps protect plastic color filters as well as other heat sensitive objects.

Rosco's Thermashield is an optical grade polyester film, finished on one side with a proprietary vacuum-deposited multi-layer coating. Set in the beam of a lighting instrument, it will reflect back infra-red energy, effectively reducing the radiated heat, while transmitting 80% of the visible light.

It is important to allow air space between the Thermashield and the color filter. This will allow much of the otherwise damaging heat energy to dissipate. It is necessary to affix Thermashield with the coated side facing the lamp. Each sheet of Thermashield is clearly marked so that users can easily identify which side of the clear film should be facing the lamp. If the label becomes detached, or if the sheet is cut so that the label is no longer available, there is an alternative technique. When tested with an ohm meter, only the coated side (the side which must face the lamp) will be conductive.

Thermashield permits the full range of Rosco color filters in fixtures which previously permitted only the use of glass or dichroics for color. Thermashield will boost the Kelvin temperature of a 3200° source about 300° Kelvin (a mired shift of approximately -10).

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Some of the Brands available at Backstage Warehouse
Some of the Brands available at Backstage Warehouse
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